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Feasibility Studies and Campaigns

Feasibility Studies

HDH Advancement Group is highly experienced in conducting feasibility studies and can help your organization determine if you are ready for a Capital Campaign.  We take a comprehensive look at all of the factors that could impact the success of a campaign, including organizational readiness, external factors such as political and financial climates, your base of support, and your image in the community.  We are committed to providing an accurate and objective study and will not encourage the pursuit of a campaign if we feel that it is not the right time or climate for success.

Feasibility Studies provide incredibly useful information to leadership and staff that is often unattainable through internal efforts.  We collect information that can help improve the organization in a variety of ways, whether or not a campaign is launched.

We have done feasibility studies in which we determined that the organization was positioned for a much higher campaign goal than they had anticipated, and we have done studies where we have advised the organization not to pursue a campaign at that time.  In the instances where we do not feel a successful campaign is feasible, we outline necessary changes that need to occur and lay out a plan for the organization to move towards a successful campaign in the future.


Capital Campaign Counsel

Capital Campaigns are used to raise significant funds for a specific capital project or program.  They often propel organizations into a higher level of impact and elevate the organization to a higher level of sustainable funding.  Capital Campaigns are a big undertaking and require expert planning, counsel, and support in order to succeed.  The knowledge, skills, and resources are often outside the scope of existing staff, and the time needed for campaign planning and implementation is far above the time internal staff has available.

Our goal as campaign counsel is to lay out a clear plan that will lead to a successful campaign for your organization.  We will define and direct responsibilities that include creating a clear case statement, creation of appropriate materials, guidance in the three phases we feel are central to the success of a campaign: the silent phase of planning and securing lead gifts, the active phase of fundraising and community engagement, and the final phase of concluding and celebrating the success of the campaign with your donors and other constituents.  We also stay with you through post-campaign analysis and planning to ensure that your organization does not falter without adequate planning for the next steps to maximize the outcomes of the campaign.  A well-counseled, successful campaign will change the trajectory of your nonprofit for years to come.

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