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HDH Vendor and Contractor Recommendations for Supplemental Nonprofit Services

HDH aims to refer contacts to reputable contractors for services that we do not offer. Following is a list of vendors and contractors compiled based on the experience of trusted peers in the nonprofit industry. If you or an organization you know uses any of these services, please share your experience with us so that we can continue to ensure the quality of those recommended, and please send any names you would like to have added to the list.


Hull & Chandler Attorneys at Law

Rocky M. Cabagnot, J.D.


Rocky is a pleasure to work with and specializes in legal matters related to charitable organizations. He also has previous experience as a nonprofit Executive Director so understands challenges particular to nonprofit professionals. He offers a range of retainer options to accommodate small to large nonprofits.

IT - Database Management

Connect Cause

Lisa Branch, Operations Manager

(844) 526-6632

They offer a free CRM for nonprofits who can’t afford other options.

Direct Mail

AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh

Courtney Edelmayer, Account Manager

(919) 832-2828


Southpoint Graphics

Event Planning

Recommendations needed


Chazin & Company

Chris Bavolack, Director of Finance and Operations

(703) 472-2100

CLA Connect

Jordan Miller, Principal

(704) 998-5222

(Audits and general accounting)

General Marketing and Communications

BC/DC Ideas

Coley Devine Creative

Nicole Thayer

Tigermoth Creative

Content Writing, Branding, Video & Photography

(336) 814-3365


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