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Capacity Building

HDH Advancement Group was launched with this specific nonprofit need in mind.  Having engaged with countless nonprofits over 20+ years around the country, we recognized a common issue facing small and large nonprofits alike – the need and desire to increase the organization’s capacity to do more.  Central to this is maximizing fundraising, as well as organizational efficiency.

While committed to their mission and working tirelessly to deliver programs and services, nonprofits often operate under-resourced in staff, funding, technology, materials, and training.  These resources are key to the health and success of the nonprofit.  Through our Capacity Building Package, HDH Advancement Group works with nonprofits to provide a comprehensive organizational assessment.  We help determine how to expand the capacity of the organization and how to better fulfill the mission.  This includes active engagement with leadership, staff, board, and donors, as well as a thorough analysis of programs, policies, and processes.  In addition to the assessment, we provide a step-by-step 12-18 month plan for how to gradually move the organization to the next level.

While many consultants do assessments and planning, we believe that one without the other is ineffective.  In order to plan well, a comprehensive assessment of the current situation is needed, and in order to benefit from an assessment, a tangible action plan is needed to address issues and to expand capacity.

HDH Advancement Group recognizes the significance of your programs and services, as well as your expertise in these areas.  Let us use our expertise in industry best practices to help you maximize your funding and efficiency in order to increase your impact for your mission.

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