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Strategic and Transition Planning

Strategic Planning

HDH Advancement Group recognizes the importance of a comprehensive, visionary strategic plan. It is critical for an organization to reach its full potential in fulfilling its mission.  We believe that one of the greatest disservices that consultants do for nonprofits is to provide an extensive assessment and strategic plan that is cumbersome and difficult to translate into realistic actions and tangible results.  Many times, we have seen firms charge large sums of money to do great research and planning with an organization, to create and leave behind a hefty binder that is impressive and often on target with strong SWAT analysis, vision, and goals.  If you have been in nonprofit work long, you have probably seen a few of these impressive reports as well, and in our experience, the report is usually sitting high on a shelf or tucked away in a file cabinet. Once in a while, it is pulled out to reference when new leadership is hired or someone mentions long-term planning.


Given that nonprofits are often consumed with day-to-day operations and already working at full capacity, it is imperative that consultants provide a comprehensive and visionary plan that also clearly lays out how to use and execute the plan.  The team at HDH Advancement Group does both.  We work diligently with staff, board, donors, community leaders, and volunteers to do a deep dive into your organization, to understand where you are and where you want to go based on your mission and values.  Together, we create a clear plan with strategic direction and goals, and then, we create an action plan to help you execute your strategy and to reach your goals.  While our assessment and report will be extensive and high-level, we will break it down for you in an applicable way that will lead to immediate and tangible results.

Transition Planning


Executive leadership transitions are a reality for nonprofits, and they can propel an organization forward or can set an organization back in achieving its goals.  Without a clear and objective transition plan, nonprofits act in a reactionary manner that can have damaging effects, both internally and externally.

As your partner in transition planning, HDH Advancement Group will provide you with the guidance, skills, and resources necessary for a smooth and successful transition.  First, we will do a simple analysis of where your organization is, what led to the transition, and strengths and weaknesses that could aid or hinder positive progression.  We will work with you and your board to create a clear and effective plan that defines transition responsibilities, outlines critical transferal of information and processes, and includes a clear internal and external communication plan.  Our engagement does not end immediately after bringing on new leadership.  We will continue to work with you through the initial onboarding and orientation, supporting the new leader in the early days of their new role to ensure success.

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