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Staff and Board Training

Board Development


Having worked with many boards throughout the country – ranging from large health system boards to small, community nonprofit boards – board management and development continues to be a challenge for both staff and board leaders alike.  At times, the board does not have the right people in the right seats, but most often, board members with good intentions lack the knowledge and direction to significantly help the organization.

One of our most requested services is a Board Development Package that includes training in board composition, recruiting, orientation, training, and annual evaluation.

We specialize in board development that leads to better use of leadership time, deeper engagement and support from the board, positive board experience, and the overall health of the organization.  We help boards understand and carry out their role better, recognize simple ways to contribute to the organization’s success and engage with fundraising and community relations in a variety of ways.  This can be done through ongoing board engagement and board retreat facilitation.


Staff Training

HDH Advancement Group provides expert training in all areas of fundraising and management.  Our goal is to support you and your staff in reaching your full potential for the organization, providing the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively collaborate and thrive in your roles.  This increases the organization’s impact while fostering a positive work culture.  We have advisors with a depth of knowledge and experience in Fundraising (major gifts, capital campaigns, estate planning, annual giving, events, corporate giving, and public and private grants), Marketing and Communications (content and writing, digital and print materials, marketing strategy and planning, social media platforms), Management (staff, board, and operations), Information Technology (software, systems, and processes), and Finance (systems, processes, and policies).


Whether your fundraising staff would benefit from strategic, advanced fundraising training or your senior managers could use some expert training and support in order to better serve the organization, we will work with you to customize a training plan to elevate your staff to their highest potential.  We provide individual and group training in the office setting and through retreats.

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